Welcome to Iniesta’s Documentation. Iniesta is a extension for Insanic that provides messaging integration for implementing a event driven architecture pattern. The basic run down of what it does is that it publishes messages to AWS SNS and also can poll AWS SQS for events to consume.


This project’s inception was when I was working for my former employer. The service was running on fully functioning microservice architecture but found some inefficiencies with some REST APIs. Some would need to call as much as 10+ other services and to provide context, if any of them failed, that single API would error. Even with non critical requests to other services, would sometimes fail which would result in data inconsistencies. We were trying to enforce strong data consistency even when it was not needed.

To alleviate this issue, integration of a event driven system was required. To rapidly migrate portions of non critical communications and to reduce time for developers needing to learn how to use AWS SNS and SQS, Iniesta was born.

You might ask what or why is Iniesta? Andrés Iniesta is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as a central midfielder. He is considered one the best soccer players and one of the greatest midfielders of all time. For those of you unfamiliar with soccer, a midfielder is responsible for playmaking and passing the soccer ball from the defense to the forwards.

Consequently, this project aims to be the messenger between services; a proxy, for sending messages(the soccer ball) from the producers(defenders) to the consumer(strikers) albeit the messages fan out and there is only one soccer ball.

Iniesta was decided upon after a long grueling discussion, because everyone knows that variable naming is the most strenuous.

Since it’s initial internal release, it has been modified to be as flexible as possible when communicating with AWS.


  • Asynchronous message handling.

  • Produce messages to a global SNS Topic.

  • Filters for verification and subscribing SQS to SNS.

  • Polling for SQS and receiving messages.

  • Decorator for consuming messages with defined parameters.

  • Locks for idempotent message handling.

  • Checks for if proper subscriptions have been setup.

  • Verifications on proper permissions.

  • Decorators for emitting messages.

Good to Know

Because Iniesta integrates AWS SNS and AWS SQS, a basic working knowledge of each of those technologies would be of great help.

Refer to AWS SNS Documentation and AWS SQS Documentation to catch up on those.

Also background knowledge of a distributed event driven system will be of help!

API Reference

If you are looking for information on a specific function, class or method, this part of the documentation is for you.

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